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Our group concern 'Gajmukh Vinimay Pvt. Ltd.' has taken management control of a 100 year 'Nuddea Jut Mill' located on the banks of Hooghly river. Spread over nearly 50 acres, the jute mill has a total installed capacity of 100 metric tons productions per day while employing about 2000 workmen. We follow the best business practices.


Our product range includes Jute Hessian Cloth from 28 inches to 128 inches width, Hessian Bags- Hydo Carbon free (Food grade) also know as VOT (Vegetable Oil Treated), Bleached & Dyed Hessian Cloth, Jute Sacking Bag,Jute Hessian Fabric,Food Grade & Non-food Grade Sacking Cloth and Bags like DW, A-twill, B-twill, etc., Jute Netting Fabric, Jute Leno Fabric, Jute Yarn just to name few. Customization is available in all the sizes. .


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Hydrocarbon Free 

Jute Bags (HCF)


Jute Hanks

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